100 Jahre Deutsche Panzer 1918‑2018


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100 Jahre Deutsche Panzer

(100 Years of German Armor)
1918 – 2018, 100 Years Commemorative Edition

Over 30 years in the making! This limited edition book is the passion project of military artist and publisher Uwe Feist.

This massive volume presents for the first time a visual history of 100 years of German armor. It covers the evolution and development from it’s feeble beginnings in 1918 all the way up to the present day pride of the German Panzertruppe with the Kampfpanzer Leopard 2A 6M. Which some believe to be arguably the best armored fighting vehicle in the world.

Under the oversight of Uwe Feist, the text is from the pen of world renowned armor historian Walter J. Spielberger. This hardbound special limited edition is formatted to size 9″ x 12” and contains 480 pages of extensive text, impressive photographs, and original color artwork by Uwe Feist. Nearly 1,000 high quality color and B&W photos have been personally selected from the publisher’s private archive, making it the ultimate “must have” book for the serious armor enthusiast. Don’t miss out, only 500 copies printed!

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Nearly 1000 Color and B&W Photos and Illustrations


Hard Cover, Landscape, Smyth Sewn Binding




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